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Katazome - 型染め


“Katazome”, one of the very traditional dyeing methods in Japan, to the world of painting, and has created new contemporary art.

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Japanese Traditional Fabric Products

These scraps come from an antique Japanese boro textile dating back to Meiji era, late 1800s. Katazome is a traditional Japanese resist dye technique. These textiles were made by hand from scratch. The weaving, stenciling, dying and often the spinning of the cotton was all done by hand by the artisan. Natural botanical dyes were used, indigo being the most common. Traditional Katazome designs often feature natural motifs, including flowers and birds.


布料的來源及生產要追溯到18世紀末期日本明治時代的Boro技術。 Katazome是一種日本傳統的染色技術。這些紡織品是人手製作,由織造,製版,印染,以至棉花的紡絲全部由工匠的手藝完成,而靛藍是最常見的顏色。傳統Katazome的設計會利用不同的天然圖案,包括花和鳥。


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