Goodyear Welt Sneakers

Cooperated By Simple Union And Tricker's 

Simple Union


Simple Union Joins Forces With Tricker’s For Oxfords Shoe Vintage Kofu


Simple Union has collaborated with heritage shoemaker Tricker’s to make Oxfords Vintage Kofu.The Fabric Part has been crafted from antique Japanese boro textiles dating back to the Meiji era in the late 1800s By Simple Union - Hong Kong-based handcrafted leather specialists.


In partnership with German tannery Weinheimer, Trickers develop a new type of finish known as Olivia Leather and it is the only shoemaker in the world uses such exquisite piece.Olivia leather uses an all-natural tanning procedure where it uses essence of olive leaves to Tan it’s leather , providing a more environmentally friendly tanning alternative.


Its soft textures with a wide last oxford design , brings a whole new comfortless with elegance onto our country shoes range. Combine with the commando sole renowned for his high duality, there’s no limit on how you can mix and match your style.