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4th April 2019

The UNDONE x Simple Union collaboration: 無(MŪ) Limited Edition

Featuring “Katazome” wrist straps sourced from the same single piece of 150+ year old (Meiji Period) traditional Japanese fabric and “Kintsugi”-inspired gold crack dials, comes an extraordinary UNDONE watch collection unlike anything we have done before.


UNDONE is proud to announce the launch of 無(MŪ): a horological interpretation of Wabi-sabi (侘寂) – a Japanese philosophy of finding beauty in flaws, in fragility, in fickleness. Based on ancient Buddhist teachings, Wabi-sabi is a worldview that embraces three simple realities: that nothing lasts; nothing is finished; and nothing is perfect.

The UNDONE x Simple Union collaboration: 無(MŪ) Limited Edition is set to be available worldwide through UNDONE on 4th April, 2019. The collection is limited to 40 watches with “Kintsugi”-inspired dials (strap inclusive, each uniquely serial numbered) at USD$350 and 100 authentic “Katazome” straps at USD$125, each piece at least a century old, and utterly unique.

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Katazome 型染め

“Kata” (型) means “stencil” or “pattern”, and “zome” (染め) means “to dye”. Katazome is a traditional stencil dyeing method that originated in the Edo Period, which began in 1603.  The indigo dye does not fade, remaining vivid for centuries; taking on a lustre impossible for synthetic colours to mimic. The pieces of katazome textiles featured on UNDONE’s signature quick-release straps are rare examples of authentic antique Katazome work that has, remarkably, survived to this day.


Kintsugi 金継ぎ

“Kin” (金) means “gold”, and  “tsugi” (継ぎ) means “joinery”. Kintsugi is the Japanese art of mending shattered ceramics with lacquer that has been mixed with crushed gold or silver. Kintsugi echoes the wabi-sabi philosophy of acceptance – instead of disguising the damage, cracks on the ware are illuminated. Breakage is merely part of an object’s life, rather than the end of it; highlighting its restoration symbolises its service and struggle, for which it should treasured.

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