Name : Zip Wallet - Kofu
Size : 14 X 10
All Pattern is unique and limited.

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Japanese Traditional Fabric Products

These scraps come from an antique Japanese boro textile dating back to Meiji era, late 1800s. Katazome is a traditional Japanese resist dye technique. These textiles were made by hand from scratch. The weaving, stenciling, dying and often the spinning of the cotton was all done by hand by the artisan. Natural botanical dyes were used, indigo being the most common. Traditional Katazome designs often feature natural motifs, including flowers and birds.

Badalassi ,Minerva box From Italy
Minerva Box is a milled grain leather from Badalassi Carlo. Milling is a process that allows individual hide to produce its own naturally unique grain. Sizing and irregularity is variable and will depend on the dermal fiber and thickness of the hides. Unlike Perlinger's shrunken calf the Minerva Box is vegetable tanned which allows it to develop character and patina over time. The surface is smooth and lustrous with high fat content to accentuate its colour with prolonged use.
Minerva Box is tanned in a similar fashion but the latter is naturally thinner and has double the milling time.

Zip Wallet - Kofu