Name : Trade beads L Zip Wallet
Color : Lt Brown 
Size : 13 x 10 cm 
Beads : All Different and Unique 
Leather Rope : Deer Leather From USA


You can Stamp the Letters as you want , if no need, please choose [ no need ]

Word in Golden color

- Hot Stamping by Vintage Kingsley Machine

- 1 to 10 Letters 


Trade Beads 
Trade beads  were otherwise decorative glass beads used between the 16th and 20th century as a token money to exchange for goods and services . Trade beads were used to exploit African resources by early Europeans. The beads were integrated in Native American jewelry using various beadwork techniques. Aggry beads are a particular type of decorated glass bead from Ghana.


Badalassi ,Minerva box From Italy
Minerva Box is a milled grain leather from Badalassi Carlo. Milling is a process that allows individual hide to produce its own naturally unique grain. Sizing and irregularity is variable and will depend on the dermal fiber and thickness of the hides. Unlike Perlinger's shrunken calf the Minerva Box is vegetable tanned which allows it to develop character and patina over time.  The surface is smooth and lustrous with high fat content to accentuate its colour with prolonged use.


Trade beads L Zip Wallet - Lt Brown