Nike Blazer Mid VNTG 77 - Silhouette


2021 is the tenth year of the establishment of Simple Union since 2011. To celebrate the 10th anniversary, Simple Union and The Flying Hawk Studio co-launched Nike Blazer Mid 77 - Silhouette.

Nike Blazer 77 Mid VNTG 77 is the first time we custom with hand-painted. The contrast of the Silhouettes design between dark and orange color tone brings out the exquisite painting.


The evergreen Japanese pine is universally known as the symbol of life. During the long and icy winter season, the evergreen does not lose its leaves nor its lush dark green color. This tree has the unique ability to withstand harsh winds and up to subzero temperatures. In Japanese culture, the pine tree is known to represent longevity, good fortune and steadfastness. It is commonly linked with virtue and long life, even immortality. The pine tree is iconic of the Japanese New Year, as a symbol of rebirth, renewal, and a bright (hopeful) future.


FUJISAN is a breathtakingly beautiful mountain located near the center of Japan. Since ancient times, the people of Japan have held it close to their hearts, regarding it as a source of national spirit and a wellspring of culture. It has been the subject of innumerable works of art, including paintings, prose,poems, and drama. The history of the peak is closely intertwined with the history of Japanese culture itself. At the same time, it has exerted an influence on many foreign artists as well.


FUJISAN has long been an object of religious worship as the dwelling place of the gods. The Japanese people have traditionally seen the divine in all aspects of nature, and FUJISAN, in particular, has been venerated as a sacred peak, becoming deeply ingrained in people’s minds and their daily lives.


The shoe’s tongue Head Tag is then inspired by a False Tongue, which is commonly found on both mountain and military boots, that has been crafted with Japanese Kimono Fabric and bonded with leather.


It limited to 20 Pairs . You can pre-order your own pair of handmade Nike Blazer Mid VNTG 77 - Silhouette starting now until 1 st Jan of 2021  . Deliveries will then be sent out by the Within Feb of 2021 .


Nike Blazer Mid VNTG 77 - Silhouette


踏入2021年,正是Simple Union成立第十年

於十週年誌慶,與合作已久的創意單位The Flying Hawk Studio

延續手繪鞋履文化,合作推出 Nike Blazer Mid 77 Silhouette - 松山。


首次採用Nike Blazer 77 Mid VNTG 77 作為設計載體,配合一貫復古經典意味,




松山 - Japanese Pine and Fujisan




富士山則是日本名山,有「聖岳」、「不死山」美喻,而「富士山」又諧音「不死身」,古時武士意圖用此來祈求富士山保佑自己的安全, 同時富士山也是世界上最大的活火山之一,喻意炙熱的意志永久長存。人類與自然透過信仰與藝術而串連共生的姿態,是富士山的一大特色。「不僅是信仰的對象,也是藝術創作的泉源」。


Simple Union 沿用擅長的鞋履配件HEAD TAG,鞋舌設計靈感沿於舊日登山靴、軍靴上的False Tongue,早期製做靴子時,使用在鞋舌上的皮料會較薄,但綁緊鞋帶後會將鞋舌擠壓到變形,甚至鞋眼釦背面的底釦會刮破鞋舌皮料,所以才演生出假鞋舌;而HEAD TAG同樣地保護鞋舌,令鞋形筆挺,亦能增加穿著的裹足感;是次更運用日本和服用料──小紋正絹,來自日本的真絲用料製作,圖紋同樣是山松花葉,令極體設計融和一致。




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Nike Blazer Mid VNTG 77 - Silhouette