Name : Converse 1970 – Kaiun

The Custom Shoe Come With the Shoe Display Box .


You can Stamp the Letters as you want on the Leather Ema.

- Hot Stamping by Vintage Kingsley Machine

- 1 to 6 Letters 


The Flying Hawk Studio and Simple Union launched Converse 1970-Kaiun on the first day of 2020, to pray for the new year. They Using the Japanese traditional elements include lanterns, Orizuru and Ema, pray for luck in 2020. The Japanese believe that lighting a lantern can pray for peace, hoping to life; the Orizuru symbolizes vitality and prays for health, blessing, and peace; Ema from the Japanese shrine for prayer Wishing. Simple Union  provide hot-Stamping of owner name  service on the Ema that expressing wish for luck for all individuals order.


Pre Order Started From 1 of January  to 18 , and it is expected to be completed the orders by the end of February.


The Flying Hawk Studio 及Simple Union聯手於2020年首日推出Converse 1970 – Kaiun,為新一年祈運開年,是次元素包括提燈、折鶴及繪畫,盡為新一年增添福運。日本人認為點亮提燈可以祈願平安,為生活帶來光明及希望;而折鶴喻意生命力,祈求健康、招福及和平;繪馬來自日本神社作祈福之用,是次也會為訂製者印刻名字,喻意祈願開運,屬於個人的訂製品,更別具意義。





Converse 1970 - Kaiun