Name : Canvas Tote Bag -Vintage Bandana
Size : ~ 46cm x 38cm x 15cm
Color : Navy / Red
Vintage Bandana Pattern Fabric is unique and limited.


Please be aware that the vintage fabric, bandanas, blanket, and african indigo fabric used may vary in color and pattern from item to item.


Vintage Bandana :


The word itself is suspected to come from the sanskrit word ‘badhnati’ which means binds or to tie. Through colonization and trade, the name found its way into the English dictionary around the mid-eighteenth century. Badhnati was later anglicized into ‘bandannoe’ via Portuguese and eventually it came to be the bandana we know today.


During the 50s, the trunk of the elephant, which had originally been facing down (dubbed as “trunk down”), was flipped, so it was turning up (“trunk up”), in order for Elephant to distinguish themselves from the competition. In 1986 a “classic” red/black/white (amongst other colors) bandana was entered into the Cooper Hewitt [Design] Museum, New York, donated by Penelope McClain, also indicating the historical significance of the bandana.
And the bandana market has continued to expand to this day, even if it hasn’t necessarily flourished. The little square cloth maintains its versatility as a close-at-hand accessory—both as a headband, necktie or even as a cloth to wipe off your phone screen. But who knew that this simple design would’ve had such a massive impact on so many different cultures.
Simple Union loves to try to bring story-rich material into every artwork, making each product more unique and historical. Recently, Simple Union tried to use Bandana's versatility to create and reveal Bandana elements into the Canvas Tote Bag. Each Canvas Tote is made up of the Vintage Bandana patchwork. Every piece is different.




Canvas Tote Bag - Vintage Bandana