Name : Nike Air Force 1 - Ukiyo - E

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Following on from a series of different styles of Japanese-style shoes collaborative release last year, Simple Union and The Flying Hawk Studio have announced the next installment of their ongoing partnership. The new collection builds on the Ukiyo-E theme, and focuses on the artistic and cultural connotations of Japanese ukiyo-e style. Based on the classic Nike Air Force 1, The Ukiyo-E element of the collection includes Japanese-style cirrus, waves and Hinomaru, all of which are TFHS’s hand painted. The Japanese admire the sun god and regard the sun as one of its early totems. They think that Hinomaru is a symbol of good luck; the waves have always been the symbolic Japanese design elements they commonly use; the cirrus represents auspicious. Wearing SU's Japanese Indigo fabric cover to highlight the uniqueness of the shoes.TFHS and SU collaboration collection to Feature the elegance of the Japanese ukiyo-e style.

You can pre-order your pair now During 21 April , We will Finished the Order within June


Simple Union The Flying Hawk Studio 定番推出日式浮世繪 


Air Force 1 Ukiyo-E


是次利用球鞋中的經典 - Nike Air Force 1 設計出 Ukiyo – E 單品 , TFHS 以藍紅色調,簡約精巧的線條繪製日式卷雲與海浪,再配上突出奪目的日之丸創作出新設計。 日本崇尚太陽神,將太陽作為其早期圖騰之一,認為這是一種吉祥如意的象徵;翻捲的海浪一向是他們常用的標誌性日式設計原素;雲紋則代表生機、祥瑞等的載體。配合SU特製的藍染古布覆合的皮革製作鞋帶定位小物,使鞋款更見獨特。


TFHS SU 熱衷於把單品結合不同的藝術文化涵,再次以鞋履創作來呈現日式浮世繪風格的優雅。





Air Force 1 - Ukiyo-E