Name : African Indigo Stole

Size : ~150cm x 110cm


Please be aware that the vintage fabric, bandanas, blanket, and african indigo fabric used may vary in color and pattern from item to item.


Africa Indigo seem to have their roots in Kano where traditional indigo dyeing is still being practiced to this day.
In Africa , Indigo sourced from two plants: Indigofera and lonchocarpus cyanescens.

The dye process requires boiling or steeping the leaves of the Indigo plants and then a fermentation of the brew. Once the fabric is dipped into the dye and lifted into the air it almost magically turns blue. Each region has its own recipes and techniques, but in most cases it requires many successive dippings to attain the intense blue color we associate with indigo.

By the 17th century it had become a precious trading commodity, a "blue gold" which brought with it both great wealth and intense suffering.

Large scale indigo plantations died out in the 20th century, but small-scale cultivation has persisted in the parts of the globe where indigo dyeing and weaving are still treasured. Traditional indigo artisans in locales as diverse as West Africa , Japan have preserved old techniques.


Africa Indigo 歷史久遠,傳統的藍染工藝源自城市Kano,主要原材料是天然草本植物-靛藍草及龍眼草提煉出靛藍原液來進行藍染。



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