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Apple Airpods Pro / 3 Case

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Name : Apple AirPods Pro / 3 Case - Bandana

For Apple AirPod Pro / 3 Charging Case size 

All Come with the Brass Buckle


Just can Make 5 Pieces with this Rare  Fabric, We will Provide the Case By Order Priority

- All unique and Random Pattern


Please be aware that the vintage fabric, bandanas, blanket, and african indigo fabric used may vary in color and pattern from item to item.


The History of the Bandana


The bandana is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing to have entered the wardrobe of modern western civilization. There are an infinite number of ways to use that light square of roughly 20 by 20 inch cloth, but where did the bandana as we know it today originate?


The word itself is suspected to come from the sanskrit word ‘badhnati’ which means binds or to tie. Through colonization and trade, the name found its way into the English dictionary around the mid-eighteenth century. Badhnati was later anglicized into ‘bandannoe’ via Portuguese and eventually it came to be the bandana we know today.




『BANDANA』或是『BANDANNA』中文翻譯是印花手巾、印大手帕或頭巾、領巾,日文直接翻譯發音『バンダナ』。在美國一般的店大約美金2-5元就可以買到色彩豐富的BANDANA。時尚服飾店或是滑板、單車等運動品牌也都會有BANDANA來搭配販售。而日本更是將BANDANA發揚光大,如品牌Visvim 的BANDANA 一條日幣過萬元,以及美國骨董級的ELEPHANT BRAND,極具收藏價值。今天我們會分享有關這條Bandana的發源地與故事,發現它的魅力所在。

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